Stealth Ops is a security consultancy based in the North West of England. Our story is quite an interesting one, founded by John and Tony both former senior officers with Greater Manchester Police, both of whom wish to continue their passion to serve and protect. To find out more about Stealth Ops and the story behind the founding members, click here.

Safeguarding Comes First

When it comes to education, safeguarding children is at the heart of everyones goals. OFSTED have it high on their priority list and every member of staff feels it’s their duty to look after and protect the children in their care. At Stealth Ops we feel exactly the same, children are our future, they look to the adults who care for them to protect them. We want to ensure that you can protect the children and staff in your care, whilst maintaining a calm setting for your educational establishment.

Unfortunately, there are several threats out there to us all, including educational settings. Be this from a disgruntled parent, a dangerous animal that has got into the school grounds or an individual set on causing harm to those in your care.

At Stealth Ops, we can help you by providing a planned, tested and often covert solution that not only protects those in your care should a lockdown have to be invoked but also causes minimum disruption and panic. The last thing we want is a solution that causes chaos and panic and as a result fails to meet its objectives.

Demystifying Lockdown Procedures

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We appreciate that a lockdown procedure isn’t something that you have had to create before, or had experience with. One of our team will be more than happy to visit your site and carry out a free audit. We can identify positives and negatives in and around your site and help you form a plan for a lockdown.

The DFE’s current stance on lockdowns is that schools should have a process to deal with lockdown situations combined within their Emergency Planning Procedures and developed with the help of appropriate experts.

Knife Crime

With knife crime on the rise in the UK, we need to ensure that our schools, staff and children are protected. Whilst the threat could be from an outsider it could also be from a disgruntled parent or a child carrying a knife.

Our staff training and briefings give a unique insight into how we can help you have the knowledge and confidence to deal with knife crime situations, should one ever arise in your school.

Take Action Today

Whilst at the moment the landscape is relatively unclear and new, it is clear that the DFE wants schools to start to take action and formulate a plan and strategic documentation. Stealth Ops can help with this. We can take you from planning, through to implementation and provide INSET training for your staff to make them familiar and relaxed with the procedures.

If you want to find out more and would like one of us to come to your school for a free no obligation audit, please get in touch here.

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