Knife Crime – Is it a problem in our schools?

The issue of knife crime in 2019 is larger than ever. There have been several high-profile stabbings in city centres and small towns. An issue that is getting out of control for the country as a whole. But more worrying yet information obtained under the freedom of information act shows that a frightening number of knives have been brought into Primary and Secondary schools across the country.

1,745 knives have been found in UK schools over a 4-year period. The issue is that the more knife crime increases in general, some children and people in general feel that the best way to feel protected is to also carry a knife.

Obviously, this brings several issues, including knives being used in a heated argument which wasn’t pre-meditated or intentional, knives falling into the hands of others and the potential for harm to others and potentially fatalities.

At Stealth Ops we don’t suggest you deploy metal detectors at your school gates and issue stab vests to your staff. Instead we offer training, policies and guidance on how to mitigate against the threat that so many schools now face.

Our team are experienced and skilled in a wide variety of security threats. This allows us to calmly and objectively put strategies in place that will help protect you, your staff and students from security threats such as knife crime.

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