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“I thought Lockdown training would be daunting & I really wasn’t looking forward to it. However, just talking through the procedure & practising a Lockdown (heart was beating like a drum) I found the whole experience excellent. I liked the debrief afterwards & I definitely learnt from practising of how I would do it differently if it ever occurred. Thank you.“
“Fantastic training with useful information that breaks down lockdown training into realistic actions.”

“Informative and professional”
“The practical aspect of the training was invaluable. It really helped to cement the theory we had previously learnt.”
“I thought the training was invaluable. The trainers were completely credible and experienced in their field. They helped us consider practical solutions to ensure we could secure spaces we thought couldn’t be secured, followed by a chance to carry out  those procedures in a safe but realistic role-play scenario.”
“I really enjoyed the Lockdown Training, it was an excellent way to bring  a difficult subject to our attention.”
“The training was very insightful and interactive, the trainers were interesting with good practical ideas and discussions that kept us all engaged. A real eye-opener for us all! Thank you.”
“The lockdown training was not only useful but enjoyable too.  The expertise and experience of the trainers were evident and I would now feel much more confident in managing a lockdown situation should it arise.”

Grappenhall Heys Community Primary School, Warrington

We had our first lockdown drill today! Thanks to the excellent training, advice and support from Stealth Ops, staff felt very well prepared for the drill and as a result, children followed instructions and calmly and promptly carried out the drill. As a headteacher, I was initially very apprehensive about introducing lockdown as I was concerned about raising anxiety levels for children and staff. What actually happened was a drill that was in essence like a fire drill and I was surprised at the accepting manner everyone adopted – no fuss and everyone acting sensibly. This was definitely as a result of John and Tony who delivered in-depth training and addressed many concerns and answered questions staff had. Stealth Ops are definitely a company I would recommend as they have not only supported me with formal policy writing but also regularly check to see if we require any further support.  Thanks, Stealth Ops! We are now very well prepared for lockdown.

St Matthews Primary School, Warrington

I am very impressed with the service- these are clearly experts in their field and their advice is greatly valued: our children and staff will be safer on account of Stealth Ops involvement.

Hey with Zion Primary School, Oldham

They carried out an extensive site survey of the college and grounds to give their recommendations. Through their help, we were able to successfully test our procedures for all staff which allayed some of the fears & concerns around the whole lockdown issue. I would have no qualms about recommending them

Aquinas College, Stockport

We had the Lock Down audit last term, it was a great exercise which really focused my thinking on potential emergency situations and security in the school.

The facilitators were helpful and reassuring and I feel I got all areas of concern covered. The team were very professional and provided the expertise and knowledge which we didn’t have in order to put together a lockdown procedure.

Bowker Vale Primary School, Manchester

After the Lock Down audit had been completed and the draft policy had been drawn up, we arranged for a whole team briefing to put the policy into action. This was a fantastic practical INSET session where staff were relaxed and comfortable to ask questions to help them get a real sense of how to respond in a lockdown situation. John and Tony delivered the session brilliantly and set the tone perfectly! The session allowed staff to take an active part in finalising our policy and they left the session with a real sense of ownership and understanding of our lockdown emergency procedures.

Collyhurst Nursery School, Manchester